Top 20 Illuminati Operating in Africa

For hundreds of years, Africa has been exploited by the Illuminati elite. Resource rich lands have drawn interest from superpowers such as the Dutch, Germans, British and most recently the Chinese and American forces under AFRICOM. Israeli businessmen have also sought the riches of the dark continent. From diamond mining concessions and natural gas drilling, to water rights and oil refineries, the countries of Africa have remained an endless goldmine for those with Illuminati connections and an entrepreneurial spirit. The puppet dictators of yesterday are giving way to pseudo democracies trapped within the clutches of the International Monetary Fund and unpayable debt obligations. According to International laws set up by the Illuminati, IMF debt must be paid or individual countries must pay with resources and land. That's where the Illuminati businessmen come into the picture. Vote now and help us expose the top 20 Illuminati operating in Africa. The one with the most thumbs up votes moves to the top of the list...

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