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Once Freemasonry was accepted by specific members of the British Royal Family, it was only a matter of time before all members came under the control of the Illuminati world government. The Illuminati construct is so large and invasive that it permeates every society it comes in contact with. Once a member submits entirely to the Illuminati, they often are permitted to participate in global decision making. With respect to the British Illuminati, the ideas of Anglo Israelism gained a foothold under the directives of the British Monarch. These ideas have shaped the formation of a New World Order and are responsible for wars, and the rise and fall of entire nations. However, the Illuminati is not an unstoppable force. They rely on secrecy and attempt to remain hidden. They often use words like "conspiracy theorist" to demoralize and belittle activists who would expose their secret society. This website has compiled a list of the most powerful British Illuminati. Please vote and help us expose the member hierarchy.

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